Vick's Tough Night

The last thing Andy Reid wants from Michael Vick is turnovers, but those have been the first things he’s been getting in the Eagles’ first two preseason games.

Last week against Jacksonville, Vick had 2 giveaways, losing a fumble and throwing an interception. In Friday night’s 22-9 loss to the Bengals, he had 2 interceptions and completed just 1 of 5 passes for 6 yards.

In his defense, the second-team offensive line that was supposed to be protecting him, didn’t do a very good job. But Vick knows that’s no excuse for the 2 turnovers.

``I was under some pressure, but that’s part of the game,’’ he said. ``I’ve gotta use my legs more and try not to make a bad situation worse.’’

Both of Vick’s interceptions came in the third quarter. Cornerback Morgan Trent picked off a pass for wide receiver Riley Cooper on the very first play of the second half. Later in the period, a pass down the middle of the field was picked off by safety Kyries Hebert.

``The first one, I could’ve made a better read and gone through my progressions,’’ he said. ``The second one, I just got hit. I had a guy open and got hit. Sometimes that happens. But you don’t want to have it happen, especially after you’ve already thrown an interception.’’

Kevin Kolb played the first half and Vick replaced him in the third quarter. Rookie Mike Kafka played the fourth quarter. But for the second straight preseason game, Vick was inserted for Kolb a couple of times. He lined up in the shotgun the first time and ran the read-option, handing off to fullback Leonard Weaver, who picked up three yards. On the Eagles’ next possession, he came in on a first-and-10 at the Cincinnati 35 and ran for 13-yard gain.

``I like (being used like) that,’’ Vick said. ``It keeps defenses off-balance. It’s a change of pace. I was able to go in and make a positive play, make a first down. We have to mix it up and give defenses different looks so they don’t know what’s coming.’’