Expect Vick in 4th quarter vs. Jacksonville

At his news conference Tuesday, Andy Reid is expected to officially announce that quarterback Michael Vick will make his Eagles debut Thursday night against Jacksonville.

That was the gist of what Reid said on his WIP Radio show Monday evening, or what hosts Howard Eskin and Merrill Reese inferred, and Reid did not contradict them.

There was never any real doubt that Vick would play in the first game he is eligible to take the field for since being reinstated by commissioner Roger Goodell, but in remarks over the past week or so, Reid has hedged, perhaps not wanting the final tuneup for the Eagles' starters to be all about Vick.

From what Reid said on the radio show, expect Donovan McNabb to play the first half, followed by Kevin Kolb in the third quarter and Vick in the fourth.

Reid did not answer a question about how Vick will be used, but in the past, he has affirmed that Vick is a quarterback.

Asked during his news conference about advice for Vick, McNabb said: “He’s pretty much been in a West Coast offense. I think he’s had about three coordinators who have all been similar in their style. There is nothing for me to tell him. He’s obviously watched throughout my career and he’s run the offense himself. He’ll get a chance to kind of see it in action, move around in it, try to run it and try to execute the plays.”

Vick is eligible to play the final two preseason games, then Goodell is expected to rule on a regular season suspension, which could be anywhere from zero to five weeks.


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