Vick talks being a QB, celebrity, Giants and more

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick touched on a wide variety of topics during his weekly radio show on ESPN 94.1-FM in Virginia Beach with Tony Mercurio.

Here are excerpts of what he had to say:

* On trying to equal what he did against Washington: "I probably won't have a game like that for a long time. Things have to be clicking on all cylinders. It's just God's work. We set high expectations, but this is the NFL. This is a tough league."

* On beating the Giants: "What we did was counter everything they tried to do ... They had a great game plan. They put it together and did it well. We had some things that countered and put us in position to win the football game ... Our offensive line was great. They have four studs up front. We know it was going to be a physical game, but we had to tough it out in the end and that's what good football teams do."

* On taking bit hits: "The guys who play this game on defense, they are very ferocious. You just have to try to protect yourself at all times."

* Lack of running: "I didn't have the chance to run. I'm never looking to run unless it's a designed run. For the most part, if I have a chance to throw the football, I do it. All my runs come off pass plays. If the defense gives me what I want in the pass game, then I take it."

* On the touchdown that ended up being the game-winner, with the pitch to the left, even though the Giants were trying to keep him to the right. "It backfired against them. That was their plan. We came back with a crackback block. It was wide open on the edge and we made the play. Very thankful that things went our way. That made the difference in the game. We got the two point conversion and never looked back. Always great to put the dagger in a team when you have a chance. We had to go 95 yards to do it and we did."

* On whether he looks at his stats after game: "Yeah, I look at my numbers in the pass game. You work so hard in the game you want to know what you did to help the football team win. Almost 300 yards of total offense isn't too bad."

* On reviewing the Giants tape. He said he watched the game twice Monday. "There are a lot of things I can get better at. I won't go into detail. I know when I make a mistake when I'm out on the field. I have a lot to work on. As a quarterback you'll never know it all. Sometimes you have a tendency to forget the little things I just have to work on the small things ... It's tough playing the quarterback position. You have so much coming at you. Unless you were back there and in the actual game you wouldn't really know what it was lik -- how hard it is the pressure, how poised you hace to be, patient, persistent, consistent. It takes a lot out of you. Every Monday, I'm drained physically, mentally and emotionally whether we win or we lose. Usually it takes 2, 3 days to get yourself back together before your mind is clear and you move on to your next opponent."

* On dealing with celebrity. He said it was "not possible" for him to go anywhere and not be recognized. "It's tough, but I understand the postion that I'm in, how kids looks up to me as a role model. I'm obligated to share my experiences and words of encouragement or make a kid's day by sgining an autograph or shaking hands. I try not to turn down the kids. It's the adults that I worry about."

* On whether his arm is stronger now than it was in Atlanta: "I've always had a strong arm. You just have to have a chance to showcase it. Here in this offense we're going to throw the ball around ... put the ball in the air, put pressure on the defense. This is an offense that a quarterback who likes to play the position wants to be in."

* On the young guys. Vick said he tends to be more "laid-back" as a nine-year veteran and leaves the dancing and shouting in the locker room to the younger guys: "We bring a new dimension to the Philadelphia Eagles organization with speed. I got to give a lot of credit to the people in the front office, in scouting, our GM, Andy for bringing in the right personnel to make this all work now. I'm just a new addition to this team. Obviously, it's been a work in progress for a while. I'm happy to be a part of it."

* On game-planning and his input: "We always have open dialogue about what could work and what could potentially beat the defense. That's what it's all about -- beating them to the punch. We always keep the room open for discussion and try to figure out the best possible ways to win football games.

* On the games ahead: "Our schedule is tough. We have tough opponents week in and week out ... we know every game is going to be tough and physical ... It's a battle of supremacy and who's the best. Everybody on both sides of the ball and both teams has raised their level because you have to."

Vick will be in New Haven, Conn., today to talk to students from two high schools about his past and the atrocities of dogfighting. The appearances is part of his work with the Humane Society.


The challenge of containing Vick moves to the Chicago Bears this week. The Bears had an extra day of practice Monday after playing the Thursday night game last week.

"We've played Michael Vick before," coach Lovie Smith told reports, according to "He's a great player. We normally do what we do with our defense. We don't change up what we do. We believe in our defense and it's set up to play. We give him all the respect in the world. Defending him is a little bit different than most because of his ability to run. That can cause some problems, too, when you put your quarterback at risk of taking so many hits."

The story contains this little tidbit of information, according to ESPN Stats & Information:

The Giants blitzed Vick with a defensive back on 20 pass plays, forcing the quarterback to scramble twice. When the Giants sent a defensive back, Vick completed just 6 of 16 passes for 66 yards, in addition to suffering two sacks. When New York elected not to pressure from the secondary, the quarterback completed 18 of 22 passes for 192 yards.


Sunday's game is on Fox at 4:15, with Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston and Tony Siragusa handling the broadcast.


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