Vick shows he's a 'Pro'

A lot of attention has been focused on Michael Vick this offseason and especially recently.

Vick will be on national television tonight, taking part in "Pros vs. Joe's" on Spike-TV (10 p.m.). The episode was taped in March. (Keep that in mind if you watch the clip below.)

This follows last week's season premiere that featured former Eagles Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens.

The difference is McNabb and Owens were among the Joe's, facing former NBA stars. Vick is among the Pros, becoming the first active NFL player to be on the show as a Pro, according to Spike.

Vick is joined by retired linebacker LaVar Arrington and retired wide receiver Isaac Bruce.

Vick leads a Wildcat offense against the Joes, but he also gets in a little tackling.

Click here for a link to some video of Vick on the set and some highlights. (about 2 minutes)

Here is another video of the show with more (about 10 minutes)