Commish: Vick Says No Link to Party

"I want to make sure that he doesn't put himself in a position where he's going to make bad decisions," said Roger Goodell. (David J. Phillip/AP Photo)

 NFL commissioner Roger Goodell  weighed in on the Michael Vick Super Bowl party business today at Goodell's annual preSuper Bowl news conference.

Goodell said he has spoken with the Eagles' quarterback three times in the last two weeks about Vick's Super Bowl week plans -- which seems like a lot of times for a guy with a labor agreement to negotiate. The league just might be a tad concerned about its reclamation project and the public eye.

Goodell said Vick told him people are using his name without his knowledge for Super Bowl events, presumably like the "Dallas Dynasty 2011 -- the Michael Vick Experience" event tonight at the Deux Lounge. The Eagles have said Vick will not be attending any Super Bowl parties.

"I want to make sure that he doesn't put himself in a position where he's going to make bad decisions, or bad things are going to happen around him, and he takes that seriously."

Calls to the Deux Lounge by the Daily News Friday were unanswered.

It was clear from Goodell's remarks praising Vick how much he personally has invested in the turnaround of the player he reinstated to the league in 2009, after 19 months served in federal prison for dogfighting.

"He is committed to doing the right thing going forward, and I think that's a great thing," Goodell said.

Meanwhle, Vick picked up another Comeback Player of the Year award last night.

Vick was the fans' choice at the NFL PLAYERS PULSE Awards. NFL PLAYERS is the marketing wing of the NFL Players Association.

The inaugural award was voted on by thousands of fans at and recognizes a player that has overcome obstacles and adverse situations with outstanding performance.

"I want to thank all the fans. This is a tremendous honor, Comeback Player of the Year, to have your peers and fans think highly of you, not only as a football player, but as an individual and for what you stand for. It's great, it's awesome and I want to say thank you," Vick said, via Ustream.

Other candidates were Wes Welker, Terrell Owens, and LaDainian Tomlinson.

Other winners included the 45th Byron "Whizzer" White recipient Tony Richardson; Legends Award winner Franco Harris; and Ray Lewis as Fan's Choice Heart of the Game.


The NFLPA also released its biennal player survey that ranks the playing fields in the league.

Lincoln Financial Field was ranked 14th of the 18 natural grass fields by the more than 1,900 players surved. The survey was divided into natural grass and artificial surfaces.

The grass fields ranked below the Linc were Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago and Oakland. The top grass field was Arizona, followed by Tampa Bay and San Diego. The top three had some climate advantages, you'll note.

The top turf field was Indianapolis, with Buffalo at the bottom.


Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has been everywhere this week.

He was in Hawaii on Sunday for the Pro Bowl. He was in Los Angeles on Tuesday night to tape an appearance on "Lopez Tonight." By Wednesday afternoon, he was in Dallas to pick up the trophy for the "Never Say Never" moment of the year. Thursday morning, he was in New York for a surprise and classy appearance on "The View" with teammates Todd Herremans and Jamaal Jac kson. Thursday night, he was in Philadelphia for a fan Q&A at the auto show at the Convention Center. Pretty amazing travel schedule.


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