Vick Reminds Marty of Steve Young

Michael Vick and the Eagles offense will try to pull out a win Sunday night. (David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg noted that the Giants' defense is No. 1 in the league and No. 1 on third down.

"Very physical, very fast, very quick defense," Mornhinweg said. "Excellent personnel, excellent schemes."

"This group, as you know, can rush the passer," he said. "They do a heckuva job getting to that quarterback ... Maybe the very best defensive line that I've seen, up to date."

Mornhinweg said Michael Vick and Steve Young, whom Mornhinweg worked with in San Francisco, are similar in makeup and ability.

"An awful lot of hard work by him," Mornhinweg said when asked about Vick's ascent. "He's got great gut instincts as well."

Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott touted the development of Dimitri Patterson, one of several subs who have stepped up for injured starters this season. In Patterson's case, it seems quite possible he will remain the starting corner opposite Asante Samuel, regardless of Ellis Hobbs' hip flexor status.

" Dimitri has always had the skillset that he has," McDermott said. "It's just been a matter of getting him on the field on a consistent basis to display his talents. He just continues to get better and better with each rep ... Now he's at a point, as we've all seen, starting really back in the preseason, where he's made plays and used his talents to be productive on the field. It's just been a process that he's gone through, an evolution, to where he's gotten to the point now where those skills that he has, that he's always possessed, are not translating to plays on the field for us."

Special teams coordinator Bobby April said if Hobbs can play there's a "very good chance" he will handle kickoff returns. Jorrick Calvin had a fumble and a muff Monday night against the Redskins.