Vick: I will do whatever is asked

"Whatever I’m asked to do, that’s what I’ll be available to do," Michael Vick said today. (David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

Andy Reid called all three of his quarterbacks last night after the trade of Donovan McNabb to Washington was completed. That included Michael Vick.

"Andy said Kevin is going to be the starter and that’s what it is," Vick said today. "He’s the coach. He runs the team and that’s what it’s going to be. My job is to come in every day and ultimately try to get better and get myself ready for any role that I have to play, whether it’s behind center at quarterback or wherever it may be.

"It’s not an open competition. What I’m going to do is continue to help Kevin. Continue to help this team succeed."

Vick has done multiple interviews since the end of the season, talking about potential destinations and saying that he wanted to again be a starter. He now finds himself as Kolb's backup.

"I look at the situation as it’s not a part of God’s plan (for him to be elsewhere starting) right now," he said. "When the opportunity knocks again for me to go out and play, it’ll happen and I’ll be ready for it. The only thing I can do is prepare myself and be sure I’m ready to play. That’s what I’m gonna continue to do. That’s why I was here at 9 o’clock this morning for workouts."

As for his role, Vick said: "Whatever I’m asked to do, that’s what I’ll be available to do."

More on Vick in tomorrow's Daily News.

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