Vick to Chip: I won't let you down

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly (left) talks to quarterbacks Nick Foles (center) and Michael Vick (right). (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

Michael Vick told reporters he felt butterflies when Eagles coach Chip Kelly summoned his quarterbacks to Kelly's office Tuesday at NovaCare; Vick said you always get butterflies when the coach wants to see you in his office.

But Vick had to have some idea he was about to get good news.  Kelly validated what most observers felt was obvious after two preseason games -- that Vick was winning the QB competition with Nick Foles. Kelly announced just before Tuesday's practice that Vick will start the Sept. 9 season opener against the Redskins, and will be the starter for the season.

"I told him, 'Thank you, I appreciate it, and I won't let you down,' " Vick said after practice.

"I thank coach Kelly for the process we all had to go through," said Vick, who told reporters he was wrong in early June, when he said he didn't like splitting practice reps with Foles, and that he hoped Kelly would name a starter before training camp. "It's gratifying to me that I had to earn it, that nothing was given to me."

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Vick lauded Foles, saying: "Nick will be a good quarterback in this league for a long time. You can bet on that."

Eagles players said they either heard of the decision from reporters as they came off the field or saw it on TV in the cafeteria. Though several, including DeSean Jackson, said they would have accepted either QB as the starter, Jackson also said: "from Day 1, I thought Michael Vick fit this offense the best."

Foles said: "The competitor in me, you want to be the one on the field playing. But I'm proud of Mike, I'm going to keep pushing him.'

LeSean McCoy said he was "shocked and surprised" to get the decision today. He said he felt the competition allowed Vick to demonstrate his leadership.