Vick takes field for warmup, at least

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. (David Maialetti/Staff file photo)

He was a few minutes late, but Michael Vick jogged onto the NovaCare practice field Tuesday, his ailing left hammy concealed by gray sweatpants. Vick took part in various loosening up exercises, then threw the ball to uncovered wideouts with the other QBs, dropping back and planting with the affected leg.

Reporters can only watch the very early part of practice. We'll update you later on what the Eagles say Vick was able to do. He still is not expected to play Sunday at Tampa, but obviously, his presence on the practice field this early in the week is something Tampa must take into account, which might be the point of having him out there.

Earlier, Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said Nick Foles can do all the things throwing the ball from the pocket you need a quarterback to do. Shurmur also noted the Eagles were able to run the ball effectively with Foles at the helm in the preseason, so despite the way things looked during the second half Sunday at the Giants, they ought to be able to do so again.

Defensive coordinator Bill Davis indicated safety Patrick Chung (shoulder) should be active this week, but he called Chung's problem "a unique injury," and spoke of Chung rotating in, not playing full time yet. Davis said ultimately, he would like to have two safeties that play all the snaps, he isn't looking to start a longterm three-safety rotation.