Vick sounds like he needs another week

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

There wasn't a whole lot of suspense last week over whether Nick Foles was going to quarterback the Eagles against the Bucs, and there might be even less this week, as Foles and the Eagles prepare for the visiting Dallas Cowboys.

Michael Vick again was limited in what he could do at practice Tuesday, and in a news conference afterward, he said he couldn't really move the way he likes to and needs to if he had to play right now.

"I feel myself getting better, but I still feel it if I try to burst," Vick said. He said the strain is high in his left hamstring.

"It was a bad pull ... the knot is still there," Vick said. He suggested another week of work will put him in a position where he can do what he needs to be able to do.

Vick, Foles and offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur emphasized the good relationship between Vick and Foles and downplayed the possibility of any strife over Foles maybe having a chance to win the starting job with another strong performance.

Vick said he will let Chip Kelly decide if he should still be the starter when he returns.