Vick gets another endorsement deal

Michael Vick has added another endorsement deal to his portfolio.

He has become an equity partner in Double Eagle Holdings, the parent company of Fuse Science. According to a press release, the company "is the developer of new, patent-pending technologies poised to redefine how consumers receive energy, medicines, vitamins and minerals."

The partnership was negotiated by Chicago attorney Andrew Stroth.

“As one of the most prolific, athletic and versatile quarterbacks in the NFL, Michael Vick encompasses what Fuse Science delivers: high performance naturally,” Fuse Science CEO Adam Adler said in a statement. “This is a positive synergy and a unique agreement in that Michael is now an equity partner and not simply a paid endorser. He recognizes the significance of the Fuse technology and wants to be a part of our company’s growth.

This is a 5-year, exclusive agreement for Vick.

Last week, Vick and MusclePharm agreed to a 3-year, $1.55 million endorsement deal, and he previously announced a new relationship with Nike.

Initially, Vick will use and endorse four new products for FuseScience.

“Fuse Science has game-changing technology and an incredible team of scientists and business leaders to bring it to market,” Vick said in a statement. “I believe these products will revolutionize how athletes provide their bodies with nutrients and medicines, changing what we have come to accept as normal. Why take a painkiller and wait 30 to 40 minutes for it to work, when a better product can work in one-tenth the time? Why fill up with a 32-ounce sports drink when a couple of drops can give you the electrolytes you need? I’m convinced Fuse Science has the best technology and the most effective delivery system, and that is why I wanted to be more than just an endorsement partner for this company.”

“Evidenced by jersey sales that continue to be among the NFL’s best, Michael’s brand awareness and popular appeal have never wavered and continue to grow rapidly. He will have a tremendous impact on our company’s ability to reach and connect with our target market of up-and-coming athletes who endeavor to be the best at their game,” added Brian Tuffin, Fuse Science President and Chief Operating Officer “Nike set the stage with its major signing of Michael last week, and today, the best is ‘Powered by Fuse!’”