Vick Talks Fumbling, Won't Discuss Dog

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick said Wednesday he knows his five lost fumbles will be the focus of every defense the Eagles face.

"I expect everybody that gets close to me to be reaching for the football," Vick said. "It's totally my responsibility to take care of the ball and move on, especially for the sake of this football team. It's something I've got to get corrected. I set a goal for [eliminating] interceptions, and I've got to set another goal."

Vick seemed to be saying he should have gotten the problem fixed sooner.

"That's the least that I should be worrying about right now, at this point in the season," he said. "It's a situation I've created for myself, and I've definitely got to take care of it."

Earlier in the jam-packed media session in front of his locker stall, Vick was asked about a photo he tweeted last week that appeared to show a box of dog treats in the background, in his kitchen. Vick declined to discuss his personal life. He has the right now to own a dog and has mentioned his children wanting one.

"What goes on in my personal life is not to be talked about," Vick said. "What's more important right now is the Philadelphia Eagles and getting a win Sunday."


Eagles coach Andy Reid said LB Akeem Jordan is healthy and will return as the WIL starter this week. Reid said Demetress Bell will continue as the left tackle.

Jordan, a special teams stalwart, said he didn't know if he'd have a role in kick coverage, where the Eagles continue to struggle. He said he feels he can pick up where he left off before injuring his hamstring at Arizona, given three good days of practice this week.


New linebacker Jason Williams, brought in to boost special teams, said he spent the last month since the Panthers cut him "trying to maintain my sanity ... patience isn't really a virtue of mine."

Williams led the Panthers in special teams tackles last season. He was a third-round Cowboys draft pick in 2009.

Williams, 26, said he'd even started to think about life after football, was helping out the coaches of his cousin's Chicago-area high school team when the Eagles decided one week of Adrian Moten was enough. Moten, brought in last week to replace Brian Rolle, didn't make a special teams impact at Pittsburgh and was cut. The team took his name off the back of the No. 57 jersey and handed it to Williams.

Williams said he's never been thrown into game prep off this long a layoff before. "Obviously, game speed is going to be one factor," he said.

Williams said that like a lot of drafted players, he didn't fully embrace special teams until the Cowboys cut him in 2010 and he had to find a niche.