Vick: Eagles Panicky, but Not Soft

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick doesn't think the Eagles are a soft team. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

The topic of the 3-5 Eagles and their reaction to adversity was prominent when reporters gathered around Michael Vick's locker stall today, as you might expect, with the Eagles having held fourth-quarter leads in seven of their eight games.

"When certain things happen in a game, we kind of go into a panic. You can't do that; you've got to keep pushing forward, stay confident, and keep a (winning) attitude. When we do that, we're one of the best teams in this league, I think," Vick said. "When we don't, you see what happens, we don't win football games."

It seemed natural to ask, in the wake of that response, if Vick agrees with fans and media observers that the Eagles are emotionally soft.

"We're going to conclude on that. I can't answer that question. This team is not emotionally soft, no. You gotta ask somebody else that question," Vick said. An Eagles spokesman had already said this would be the last question of the session.

Earlier, Vick said the problem wasn't a lack of leadership.

"We have tremendous leadership on this team. That's not our problem ... Going out and getting it done on the football field is our problem," he said.

Then why haven't the Birds been able to come back late and beat anyone, given the ball and plenty of time, as was the case Monday night against the Bears?

"I don't know. I really can't say. I just know we have opportunities to win games, and when you're in that position, you gotta take full advantage of it. There's not but so much we can do. You gotta win offense, defense, special teams, all three phases of the game, and that's how you get it done," Vick said.

Vick also said: "In order to win in this league, you have to play as a team."