Vick: Still my team, my job

Michael Vick met with reporters Wednesday after two days of installing Chip Kelly's new Eagles offense, and the incumbent quarterback said there has been a lot of read-option so far.

Kelly has danced around that topic, and reporters aren't allowed to watch this extra minicamp allotted new coaches. So for reporters, a big part of Wednesday's first opportunity to talk to players after they'd been on the field was trying to figure out how the offense will look.

Eagles QB Michael Vick. (Photo by Les Bowen)

Vick didn't provide a lot of details, beyond saying he feels it will be exciting

"The offense is very refreshing ... it's beautiful when it all comes together," Vick said.

When asked about the competition for the starting job Kelly outlined Tuesday, Vick lauded Nick Foles and the idea of competing. But he also said: "Honestly, I just look at it as it's still my team, still my job. I think that's the mindset you've got to have."

Obviously, the whole offense isn't even installed yet, the competition has hardly begun.

"I felt like I made a big jump from yesterday to today," Vick said. "Actually going out there and practicing and seeing it against different defenses. I was very accurate today, guys running wide open -- and I think that's the system -- but guys were running wide open, our defense did a great job, but I was able to make some tight throws. I feel like the learning curve for me in this system is coming along."

Vick, who looked more muscular than usual, said: "I've been doing a lot of work in the weight room. All the other quarterbacks have, as well. We're trying to make sure we're physically fit and ready for whatever needs to be done in this offense."

Vick added that "the competition is great every day, I think it pushes you, it makes you better."

But as he approaches his 33rd birthday, is at all frustrating to have to compete for the starting job?

"We're all competing for our jobs, each and every day," Vick said. "Nothing is set in stone, or concrete ... We all have to earn our respect in this league, we all have to earn our position, earn our jobs."

Vick said he doesn't see why Foles can't run the read-option.

"Nick can run. Everybody got two legs," Vick joked. Foles ran the slowest 40 of any QB at the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine.