Vick: 'I'm the One Who Lived It'

Michael Vick threw four interceptions in the Eagles' Week 1 win over the Browns. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

We don't know that Michael Vick suddenly will start seeing his progressions better, or will stop trying to make impossible throws, when the Ravens visit the Linc Sunday.

We do know that Vick didn't need to hear the blistering criticism that followed his four-interception performance in the opener to want to do better.

Asked about criticism motivating him this week, Vick said Wednesday he is not one to for external motivation. (Plus, it's not like the critics were saying anything untrue.)

"I watched the film," Vick said to a huge throng of reporters pressing in on his locker stall. "I'm the one who lived it. Everyone else just kind of watched it from afar, they're just speculating about it ... I'm the one that's got to deal with it and go out there and make it right.

"This is a game that I love ... every game is not going to be easy, every game is not going to be what everybody thinks [it should be]. Sometimes, it just may not be easy on the eyes."

Meanwhile, Eagles coach Andy Reid said WR Jeremy Maclin (hip) will not practice today. Reid said Maclin is not yet ruled out of Sunday's game, but we sure seem to be heading in that direction, with the Eagles adding WR Mardy Gilyard Tuesday.

Reid said 2011 second-round pick Jaiquawn Jarrett, whom the Eagles cut to bring Gilyard aboard, ought to do better in another type of system. Reid would not discyuss why things didn't work out for Jarrett here, apparently not wanting to harm Jarrett's chances at another chance elsewhere. But he seemed to be saying a team that plays a more traditional box safety might be able to use Jarrett, the 54th player selected in that draft and the earliest-cut high draft pick of the 14-year Reid era.