Vick: Friday dash is final test

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Michael Vick said Thursday he is "just going to take one more day, see how it feels" before officially confirming that he will play Sunday against the Giants. Vick said he plans to sprint "100 yards as fast as I can" Friday, as a final test to his healing left hamstring. "I'm going to try to make some subtle movement in the pocket, just see what happens."

Asked what happens should he not feel good after running Friday, Vick said: "I'll let coach Kelly make that determination."

It sure seems the Eagles are committed to some version of Vick playing Sunday, since he has taken the starter's share of the reps this week, and rookie Matt Barkley has been an afterthought.

Vick said he can't say whether he will be able to run normally Friday or in the game; Vick gained 79 yards on 7 carries in the Oct. 7 meeting with the Giants before straining his hamstring in the second quarter.

Vick said he doesn't know if the Giants will dare him to run on his healing leg, but he does assume that since they had success early against the Birds' passing attack with tight 'man' coverage, he'll see that again.

"Our gameplan's predicated around them playing 'man' coverage and trying to stop what we do," Vick said.