Vick Doesn't Need Tebow Waiting in Wings

Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has a gravitational pull that could work against the Eagles. (Elise Amendola/AP Photo)

Yesterday, when news broke that the Broncos were getting Peyton Manning, I texted Eagles general manager Howie Roseman. "When's Tebow coming?" I asked. Ha-ha. Hee-hee. Yuk, yuk.

Didn't get a response. Didn't expect one. Howie is, after all, a Florida alum. But really -- Tim Tebow, a 46.5-percent passer last season in his "breakthrough" year, running Andy Reid's West Coast offense? Lotsa touch passing and reading? How would that work? How did it work with Vince Young last season?

Yet, some folks on the internets today are citing the Young debacle as a precedent why the Eagles might pursue Tebow. This often happens in such cases, and the logic always eludes me. Let's say I buy a used car, and it turns out to be a bad investment, breaking down a lot and costing me a lot of money. Then, later, after I get rid of it, somebody is selling a similar car. Am I a likely potential buyer? Or the least likely buyer?


Should the Eagles swing a trade for Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow?

But all of that aside, this is Michael Vick's team and locker room. If the Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl next season, it is going to be behind Vick. If you paid any attention to Tebowmania last season, you know that Tebow has a huge gravitational pull. I already have a tweet from somebody today contrasting the "dog killer" with the "clean-cut, God-fearing" Tebow. We really, really, really, really don't need this, after every loss. Really.

I am not a Tebow "hater." I was thrilled to watch him beat the Steelers in the playoffs. Generally, I like it when somebody runs roughshod over conventional wisdom. But my view, Tebow needs to go to a place with a run-oriented offense, where he will start. Yes, the Eagles need a good plan if Vick should miss three games again with injury, but bringing the circus to town to camp out next to Vick's locker isn't that plan.