Vick upset with lack of calls

Michael Vick holds his broken right hand. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

Michael Vick said the Giants should have been called for a late hit on the play that led to his broken right hand.

“It’s just an unfortunate situation,” Vick said. “After such a great play, I felt like I got hit late. Broke my hand. No flag.”

Vick said that has been the case all season, echoing comments he made last season.

“I’m trying to protect myself. I didn’t get a flag. That pretty much has been the story the last three weeks. Something catastrophic is going to happen and I broke my hand. Not to blame the refs, but more precautions should be taken when I’m in the pocket. If you look at the replay, I’m on the ground every time. I’d be lying, if I told you I wasn’t frustrated right now.”

Asked if he does not get the calls, other quarterbacks get, Vick replied, “Absolutely.”

Why? “Why? You all see. There’s no reason for it. I’m not going to go into a big dissertation about why I’m not getting the calls .. The refs have to do their jobs as well.”

And later, “Everybody seen the game. I’m on the ground constantly, all the time. All the highlights, watching film every time I throw the ball, I’m on the ground. I don’t know why I don’t get the 15-yard penalties like everyone else does. I am not complaining. I am just pointing it out and hopefully someone will do something about it … I’m not blaming the referee. Let’s not get it twisted. Everybody on the field has to do their job … I just want them to take notice.”

The top of Vick's hand was badly swollen and he was seen in the locker room buttoning his shirt with one hand. Vick went back into the game before the hand swelled, but eventually had to come out because he could not handle the snap.

The Eagles said the first set of X-rays did not show a break, but the second set revealed the fracture.

Asked if he can stay healthy, Vick said, “I don’t know. I am conscious of my safety. I want to play this game and protect myself at all times. Sometimes I just can’t. I trust my offensive linemen. I want to stay healthy for my team. I just need to do more. Something I’m not doing right maybe.”

Vick said he did not know if he was going to play next week. “I don’t know anything except that my hand is broke. We have to figure out the next move.”

Vick was playing for the first time since suffering a concussion last week against Atlanta. “My heads was fine,” he said. “I took some shots early and they didn’t affect me.”

One question asked about the Giants’ blitzing and Vick felt he was being targeted. “We didn’t get any blitz today. I don’t think teams play this game to try to hurt other guys. I don’t think that’s the story. It’s all about stopping your opposition, not hurting them. We don’t play to hurt one another. We play to stop them and win.”

As for the future, Vick said, “Everything is not going to be all fine and dandy. This is the National Football League. This is the situation we are in. Things can change dramatically over the next few weeks and I believe they will .. We will do our best to get things turned around and I believe that will happen.”


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