Union reportedly looking into Eagles' trade

The Eagles traded running back Charles Scott to the Arizona Cardinals. (Yong Kim / Staff file photo)

The NFL Players Association is looking into whether a trade between the Eagles and Cardinals this week was a means to get around paying money into the rookie salary pool, the Associated Press is reporting.

The Eagles traded fullback Charles Scott to Arizona for cornerback/returner Jorrick Calvin. Scott was selected with the 200th pick in the April draft; Calvin was chosen at No. 201.

The Eagles said they had Calvin in for a visit before the draft and had been monitoring his progress. The Cardinals were in need of a fullback after an injury.

According to the report, "under collective bargaining rules, if a drafted rookie is cut by the team that drafted him, that team is required to pay 85 percent of that player's salary into a rookie pool. The money from that pool will be distributed to rookies early next year based on the number of downs played in the 2010 season. The way the rule is written, teams could circumvent the rookie pool payment by trading a drafted player they were going to cut to another team — and have that team cut the player."

Union spokesman Carl Francis declined to comment to the AP on the Eagles-Cardinals trade.

The union also is reportedly looking at a deal between the Redskins and Rams. The Redskins sent sixth-rounder Dennis Morris to the Rams for a conditional, undisclosed draft pick, and St. Louis sent fifth-round pick Hall Davis to Washington, also for a conditional, undisclosed pick. Davis was cut after one practice with the Redskins.


Been a rough couple of days for DeSean Jackson, and he is feeling the effects. Jackson strained his neck/upper back on the first series against Kansas City and did not return. Coach Andy Reid said that was just a precautionary move.

Jackson then had his wisdom teeth removed Monday. Anyone who has had that done knows how painful it is in the immediate aftermath.

Unable to sleep at about 5 a.m., Jackson took to Twitter for an update, "Just 4 ur info .... I don't wish this pain on no 1 ... [Stuff] woke me up outta my sleep kicc'n my [butt]. Can't wait for this [stuff] to be gone."


In case you were wondering, Fox has assigned its No. 1 announce team to the Eagles-Green Bay season opener. Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and Pam Oliver will be at the Linc.