Two Weeks to Lehigh

Donovan McNabb during training camp last year. Eagles camp opens in Lehigh in two weeks. (Inquirer)

       Just thought we'd better check in with something here, from vacationland. Even though nothing is really going on yet with the Eagles, rookies report to Lehigh two weeks from today, so it's time to start THINKING about stuff happening, anyway.

    One thought your Eagletarian had recently, while waiting for the Mini-Me sex tape to download, was that while I am all for Jevon Kearse turning it around with Tennessee this season, I wish he would shut the hell up.

    In case you missed it, The Freak opined last week that by the end of the 2008 season, Eagles fans will say, "Why the hell did we let that dude go? What were they thinking?"

       Then he humbly concluded that "everything happens for a reason. Maybe it was a good reason: So I can get pissed off and get more motivated."

      This snippet appeared at the end of an piece that was very careful to note that Kearse wasn't exactly held hostage here for four years, bound and gagged and prohibited from sacking quarterbacks.

     Apparently, though, Jevon thinks the Eagles' attempts to teach him two-gap technique -- which if memory serves, happened after a 2005 season in which opposing blockers seemed to have thoroughly figured out and nullified his one-gap approach -- somehow kept him from engaging his inner Freak.

     This is just one more example of why your Eagletarian could never be a professional athlete. I mean, if I signed an eight-year, $66 million contract, then got released because I'd produced 22 sacks in four seasons, I'd be embarrassed and apologetic. "Pissed off?" At whom, exactly, other than myself?

      The story also notes how Kearse is showing his renewed devotion to the team he left in 2004 by staying in theJevon Kearse shakes off his years of oppression in Philadelphia Nashville area in the offseason (getting busted for DUI in the process). You'd think it might have occurred to Jevon to try that in Philadelphia, (the sticking around and working out, not the DUI) during the years that he was cashing those fat Jeffrey Lurie paychecks and partying endlessly on his boat in Florida.

     The 41-foot boat, by the way, is named "Act Right."