Trent Cole: McNabb not that hard to play against

Why not throw some more gas on the fire during Eagles-Redskins week? And we used to think all this fun was reserved for Cowboys week.

Eagles defensive end Trent Cole did an interview on Sirius NFL Radio on Friday morning. Rather than the usual trying to answer the question without offending anyone approach, Cole took a different route, according to the DC Sports Blog.

Asked what makes McNabb so difficult to play again, Cole said, "I think I'll say no, he's not that difficult a quarterback to play against," Cole said. "Because I think we should have won that game. This past game we played against them, we should have won. Like I said, I just think he's not a difficult quarterback to play against."

Why? "I've seen what our team can do to that team," Cole replied. "I know what we can do. We just didn't execute. He's a good quarterback -- I didn't say he was bad -- he's a good quarterback and he's done great things over time. But now, talking about now, I feel like our team can go in there and stop all that. We can go in there and win that game."

Cole clearly was stung by the Redskins' victory at the Linc and talked about revenge multiple times during the relatively brief interview.

"We're going down here on a different note; we're going down here to win," Cole said. "We went down there and played around with them and you end up losing. It's revenge. I think it's a revenge win for us as well....It's all gonna be about us going in there and executing, starting strong and finishing strong, and we will win that game."

Later, Cole was asked about the interview when he spoke to reporters following the Eagles' Friday practice.

"We played around with 'em when we should have just finished it," Cole said. "They ended up pulling it out and winning, and Donovan had a good game."

Cole seemed to be saying he feels the focus should be on the Redskins, not on McNabb. "We didn't lose against Donovan McNabb, we lost against that team ... In the end, people are going to say  'oh, you all went down there to get back at McNabb.' When we win, you can say that at the end of the game ... But we're going down there to win against the Washington Redskins," he said.


As for yesterday's controversy of the day: the Washington Nationals smartly had a red Nationals cap delivered to running back Clinton Portis, who wore a Phillies cap when he met the media yesterday.

Portis proclaimed that he was "shocked" by the reaction and said teammate Brian Orapko told him why it was such a big deal.

"I didn't even know," Portis told him, according to the Washington Post. "I'm glad you brought it to my attention that they threw me under the bus for wearing a Philly hat."



Portis said that he wears hats from all different teams and the point is the color, not the logo. He did, however, say that you won't see him wearing an Eagles hat, even if he was feeling green that day.


Colts linebacker Gary Brackett was fined $10,000 for his hit on Michael Vick in the first quarter Sunday.

Brackett has been called for roughing the passer on the play and had been expecting the fine.

A league spokesman told the Indianapolis Star that Brackett was fined because “he unnecessarily struck the quarterback with his helmet.”