Top 2 Rookies Unsigned as Lehigh Looms

Brandon Graham and the rest of the Eagles' rookies report to camp a week from Monday. (Alejandro A. Alvarez / Staff Photographer)

Your Eagletarian isn't quite ready to lurch out of vacation mode just yet, but with rookies scheduled to report to Lehigh a week from Monday, it seems incumbent upon us to provide an update.

Todd France, agent for second-round pick Nate Allen, said yesterday there was "nothing to report" in negotiations for a deal. Hard to remember the last time the Birds had a second-round holdout, but getting Allen in house on time is pretty important, since he will begin camp as your starting free safety.

France did not respond to a subsequent text wondering what's up with another client, running back Brian Westbrook, who still hasn't chosen a 2010 destination.

Joel Segal, agent for Eagles first-round pick Brandon Graham (and for a certain birthday-party-loving backup quarterback), thoughtfully called back to say he never talks about contract talks. But yes, Segal has noticed that first-rounders aren't signing yet, which just about has to complicate the Graham scenario. The expiring CBA apparently is going to affect first-round signings, just as it has affected everything else this year.

Last year, Segal represented two first-rounders, Buffalo defensive end Aaron Maybin, taken 11th overall, and Minnesota wideout Percy Harvin, drafted 22nd. Harvin missed only two days, which wasn't significant. Maybin missed 27 days, which kinda was significant. He ultimately was the 30th of 32 first-rounders to sign.

Segal said he rarely has a rookie holdout.


Finally, it's a week since the World Cup ended, and I really miss Steve McManaman. Can't we work him into the Eagles Postgame Live lineup this year somehow? I'd watch.