To spy on Vick or not to spy?

The Redskins' will have their hands full trying to contain the ever-elusive Michael Vick. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

The Washington Redskins planned to use a spy on Michael Vick during the first meeting between the teams, according to Redskins players.

A safety or corner was set to be assigned to Vick because defensive linemen or linebackers would not have been able to keep up with him.

Then, Vick went out after he was sandwiched by two Redskins defenders at the goal line and the plan changed when Kevin Kolb came in.

"We changed after he went out," defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said the other day. "We did some things different based on the quarterback. I think both of them are very good football players. They are both efficient. I think Kolb is going to be a heck of a player in the league when he gets his opportunity to play. He's a good player."

Even if Vick is trying to avoid taking the big shot from defenders now that he is back from the rib injury suffered in that game, defenses still need to account for his running ability.

"Obviously, Michael adds another dimension to the game when he starts running around," Haslett said. "He's got those legs. I played him so many times when I was in New Orleans ... First off, everyone says 'You can put somebody on him.' You got to have someone fast enough to catch him. That is the first thing. Then, you got to work in and have the right angles. There are a lot of things that go into it. I don't think you can sit here and put one guy on him and then you got to deal with all of the other guys. You got to be smart when you do it."

Haslett then knocked down a series of questions relating to Vick and how difficult it is to prepare and play against him.

On who would be assigned to shadow Vick: "Who's going to catch him? I don't think there's anybody that fast."

On if LaRon Landry could shadow Vick: "If you do that, then you have back end issues. You just got to be smart." 

On who mimicked Vick this week in practice: "You can't do that, either. First, you got to have a lefthanded guy. You got to have somebody that can run. We use our quarterbacks and they do the best that they can."

On Vick not throwing an interception this season: "He's grown up a lot. His time being away from football has taught him to take care of the ball and do a lot of different things ... He understands the ball is precious and he does a good job of protecting it."


In other news, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that Donovan McNabb's agent Fletcher Smith will be in Washington on Monday night for the game. While there, he and the Redskins will talk about a contract extension. Per Schefter, Smith and the Redskins have been talking about the parameters of a 4-year extension.