Thoughts on reaction for Vick

Here on Eagletarian, the question was asked should Michael Vick be cheered or booed when he makes his debut with the Eagles on Thursday night against Jacksonville.

Of the nearly 1,700 votes at this hour, 60.5 percent said cheered and 39.5 said booed.

Two former Eagles now with the Jaguars weighed in on what they are expecting from the Eagles fans at the Linc in today's editions of the Florida Times-Union.

Said safety Sean Considine: "Those fans up there are very knowledgeable about the game. I think they're really gong to embrace him."

Added left tackle Tra Thomas: "I think they [fans] are going to be high energized. With Vick making his debut, the stadium is definitely going to be packed, and they're going to be riled up and ready to go."

A few other views from Jacksonville:

Wide receiver Troy Williamson: "I just feel like everyone needs to leave him alone and let him play."

Quarterback David Garrard: "I just want to see his ability to break the pocket and outrun everybody. I just want to see if he even has that same kind of speed. I'm sure he'll be a little nervous. But whenever you're nervous, you use your legs, and that's a good thing for a quarterback."

Defensive end Reggie Howard: "I think it's going to be great. He needs to get his feet wet back in the NFL. He needs to get acclimated to playing fast-paced football. I'm glad to see he's back in the league and he's comfortable with a team and that he's showing a lot of remorse for that, and now it's time to focus on football. It's time for him to get back into the groove of doing some of the great things that he did before all this dogfighting stuff went down. I wish him much success. I don't wish him any success against us, of course, but it's a good story and a good learning lesson that he went through. Hopefully, the rest of the world can learn from it."

As for on the field, the Jaguars are playing their third game in 11 days so the starters might not be in for very long. Starting linebackers, Justin Durant, Clint Ingram and Daryl Smith sat out practice Tuesday. Their status is unknown.