Thoughts on Cutler, Etc.

I thought somebody had jumped the gun on April Fool's Day, when the e-mail from the Broncos showed up around 9 p.m. Tuesday. They haven't been able to get in touch with Jay Cutler for 10 days, so he's out of there? Like that? They know they can get enough value in a trade to jump off that cliff?

It's one thing to privately conclude the relationship has gone so far south that you need to start listening to proposals. But when you declare your intention to trade your talented young quarterback ... you have to then trade your talented young quarterback. There's no way back.

This has been one of the strangest sagas I've seen that didn't involve T.O. I just can't believe that new coach Josh McDaniels' brief flirtation with the idea of bringing in Matt Cassel, the QB he coached last year in New England, got Cutler so riled he wants to roll the dice on his career. Denver is not a sad-sack franchise. Pat Bowlen is a solid owner, the offensive weapons around Cutler are first-rate, the new coach is well-regarded. Because they kicked around the idea of trading him, Cutler now wants to start over with, say, the Jets or the Browns? Huh?

You might notice that in all the internet speculation swirling over a possible Cutler destination, you don't see the Eagles mentioned. (I'm talking about news sites, not fan speculation sites.) That's as it should be. The Eagles haven't given any indication they're of a mind to trade Donovan McNabb (yet), they still like Kevin Kolb as a successor, and maybe most important, they have other key needs they need to address with the resources they'd have to spend to make such a deal.

I think that last point also holds true when it comes to rumors about a trade for Carolina DE Julius Peppers, though media reports from the Charlotte area keep listing the Eagles as likely suitors. One of those reports cited, as part of its rationale, that the Birds once signed Jevon Kearse (which is hardly the same thing as trading significant assets for him). Yeah, and that turned out so well. I'm sure that means the Eagles should be in the discussion everytime a high-profile 30-something D-lineman is on the block. Right?

A closing thought: If I were Jamaal Jackson, I'd show up for minicamp in really good shape. The Eagles just re-signed Nick Cole, who will either start at guard or push Jackson for the center job. And whenever you see anything written about a center who's highly rated going into the April 25-26 draft, the Eagles are among the teams that attended his pro day, asked him in for a visit, or have otherwise expressed interest.


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