Thoughts on Birds, and on T.O.

Like many of you, I was interested in what Andy Reid had to say out in California at the NFL Meetings. Paul Domowitch did a fine job of getting all that on here yesterday.

Domo remains convinced that the Eagles are more worried about the running back position than about their left tackle situation, that they very well might end up with either Todd Herremans or Shawn Andrews moving to left tackle, and feeling fine with that. Domo certainly knows his stuff, and he was out there with the Birds braintrust and I was not, but I really can't see the Andy Reid I know prioritizing running back over left tackle.

Shawn AndrewsEnd of the day, I think both are needs that ought to be addressed early in the draft.Conventional wisdom holds that it's easier to draft an impact running back than an elite left tackle. I don't know which will be targeted first, but I have a hard time envisioning Herremans or Andrews as the first option for the most important offensive line slot, one of the most important positions on the field.

At the combine last month, I heard Andy's spiel about how Andrews was the best college tackle he'd ever seen. I also know that Andrews didn't show up on time for training camp last year while grappling with depression, didn't play after injuring his back in Week 2, and didn't seem to be champing at the bit to return after surgery. Andrews is an amazing talent, but you're going to trust Donovan McNabb's blindside to this guy? 

One of the things that made Tra Thomas valuable for so long was that he studied the guys he was going up against, and took pass protection very, very seriously. He would hold, bite, cut, whatever he had to do to keep his QB safe. Andrews has a different makeup. He's at his best on the run, flattening linebackers ahead of screens. I've never heard him described as a student of the game.

Herremans? More the type of personality you'd trust, but when the center is kidding you about how short your arms Todd Herremans, as a Daily News "sexy single"are, you're probably not a potential Pro Bowl tackle. I really think there's a significant move to be made here, either a first-day draft pick or the much-discussed trade for Buffalo's Jason Peters, which you'll recall we brought up a few weeks ago, after hearing John Clayton refer to Eagles interest. 

Speaking of Buffalo, our old friend Terrell Owens has decreed that he only needs to show up for mandatory actvities. That's probably true, contractually. But have you ever heard of a receiver coming to a new team who didn't want to get as much work in with his new quarterback as possible? This was not Terrell's attitude 5 years ago when he arrived in sunny Philadelphia, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't how he approached Dallas in 2006. Good luck to Dick Jauron and Trent Edwards; they're going to need it.

I'm thinking maybe Terrell only wants to attend OTAs in which there is no possibilty of snow in Buffalo. In that case, he won't meet his new teammates until training camp.

Finally, the intrepid Sheil Kapadia at Moving the Chains on this site was very thorough in his treatment of the amazing Ryan Moats story, which for once does not involve the former Eagles running back forgetting his assignment or fumbling. This time, Moats, now a Houston Texan, was an apparently innocent victim of an overzealous (and perhaps racially profiling) Dallas cop.  Moats was trying to get to a hospital where his wife's mother was dying. Thankfully, it seems the Dallas police are taking the situation seriously.