Marlin Jackson Visits, Could Be Your FS

Marlin Jackson is scheduled to visit with the Eagles today. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings,File)

 As I mentioned in the paper today (buy one, it's an incredible value), Jason Avant's agents also handle Marlin Jackson, the Colts CB/safety who will visit NovaCare after stopping by Baltimore today. Jackson didn't sign with the Ravens, and I'm told he'll be at NovaCare by 3 p.m. Updating: The Eagles have announced Jackson will speak to reporters tomorrow at 11 a.m. I wouldn't be at all shocked to see him end up signing here, ACL issues notwithstanding -- as your presumptive starting free safety.

Yes, ACL recovery is tricky, but everyone is not Stacy Andrews. I understand Jackson will be able to go hard by training camp. It would be a gamble, but an interesting one. I am led to believe the Birds have exhibited very strong interest. We'll see, as Andy Reid likes to say.

The first commenter below mentions the Peter King blurb about Jackson this week. Here it is, from, under the heading of three decisions PK thinks should happen soon: " 3. I'm doing a thorough physical on free agent cornerback Marlin Jackson, dumped by the Colts. And unless I think his knee won't allow him to start the season, I'm moving aggressively to sign him. He's now missed much of the past two years with injuries, but he's a smart 26-year-old corner the Colts thought so highly of that they picked him in the first round five years ago. Worth the risk. He'll visit the Eagles and Ravens this week, and I'd be surprised if he were unemployed Friday."

Somebody mentioned this last night, but I have no quick and comprehensive way of checking it out -- didn't Jason Avant just become the highest-paid No. 3 receiver in football? My take is, teams yak all the time about team values and leadership, it's nice to see the Eagles actually paying like they really value those things, for once. But I always get nervous when a role player gets a lot of attention and compensation, to the point where expectations exceed the size of the role ... kinda the Aaron McKie Principle, if not the Peter Principle.

Iggles Blog allays those fears a bit. It would be interesting to see what would happen, particularly in the red zone, if they really went to Avant, instead of making him an emergency check-down. I suspect he wouldn't quite get open enough for a QB who really likes his separation. But I wouldn't mind seeing the Eagles give it a shot.

Also, if you're wondering what Avant's contract does to the potential DeSean Jackson renegotiation, I'm thinking nothing. As Drew Rosenhaus well knows, there's a 30 percent rule in effect for renegotiations. DJax can't make more than 30 percent above what he made last season. The commission from that deal would hardly keep Drew in hair gel.