They Call Him MR Ocho Cinco

   Donovan McNabb was back at practice today and available to talk about his counseling of Bengals receiver Chad Johnson/Ocho Cinco, who was extremely unhappy with his surroundings last offseason. Johnson/Cinco told reporters on a conference call Wednesday that McNabb had lent a sympathetic ear, and that he had "blown up" McNabb's phone all summer.


Would Chad Johnson fit with the Eagles?

   "Mr. Ocho Cinco, he's a great guy," McNabb said, perhaps wistfully. Johnson/Cinco was unsuccessful in his attempts to force a trade from Cincinnati, which hosts the Eagles this Sunday. "He brings a lot of attention to himself at times, but he's an entertainer. One thing about the guy, obviously, when he had his quarterback in there (now-injured Carson Palmer) he put up big numbers, so it's not like he's not able and capable of making big plays for them. Carson's a little banged up; they're going through some things on offense. Chad's a guy I've communicated with numerous amount of times. He's obviously changed from where he was in the offseason of how he felt, and where he's at now, and with whatever situation he ends up in. He just wants to win. That's all that you ask."

   It was an interesting testimonial, given the bitter breakup three years ago of McNabb's relationship with another entertaining wideout, who knew how to make waves. The guess here is, if McNabb was ever in a place where he would rather work with less stellar talent in exchange for fewer headaches, he has left that place now.