The Pitts Unlikely for Birds

The Eagles continue to be mentioned in online speculation about free-agent guard (and accomplished oboe player!) Chester Pitts, whose agent is trying to scare up interest in a 31-year-old client coming off microfracture surgery.

A team source termed the signing of Pitts "unlikely."

Must be the age; usually the Birds' brass loves guys coming off potential career-threatening surgery! (OK, that isn't strictly true, but it's the sort of thing that sounds like it might be true, and plays to the front office haters.. Eagletarian is going for the Fox News approach, angling for more hits.)

Oh, and Chris Johnson's revision in Tennessee never had anything to do with DeSean Jackson's contract situation, and continues not to have anything to do with DeSean Jackson's situation. (Different position, different draft round, different length of contract, different objectives in a new deal.)

The guy who translates DJax Tweets apparently is off today, but if I understood @deseanjackson10 correctly, he isOh, Stewardess! looking forward to reporting to Lehigh next week. Here is the original text, for those of you who speak Cali: "All my ppl in Philly I'm good out here.. Let's worry bout bigger and better things 2010... Ohh let's do it... I'm on my KILLER season..."