T.O. on being disruptive: 'No worries'

Terrell Owens had a press conference in Buffalo today to talk about his decision to show up for voluntary workouts.

The statement that might cause Eagles fans to chuckle was this exchange:

Question: What do you sayBuffalo fans who are worried that you will be disruptive to the team?

Answer: No worries. No worries.

Hmmm ... Say, you were a Bills fans and had some familiarity with what happened in say, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas, would you be worried?

Here is more from T.O., including how he is adapting to Upstate New York ...

On what kind of reception he’s received from Bills fans:
People that recognized me, I’ve been in a big parka jacket and a hoodie, so the people that do recognize me, they just tell me welcome to Buffalo, they’re looking forward to and they’re very excited for the season, and so am I.

On if he is surprised by how much attention he generates just by showing up to a voluntary workout:
Yes and no. That’s the thing, what I find so unfair about it is that I’m not the only guy, out of 32 teams that didn’t show up to voluntary and optional weight sessions and running, so that’s what’s so frustrating about the whole thing. Everybody nitpicks at anything and everything that I do. But I realize that’s part of it, and in a sense it motivates me and I’m really looking forward and I’m working out hard and looking forward to the season.

On if he’s concerned about having to produce immediately on offense:
No, not at all. Any time that I’ve been a part of a new team, when I go in, I always look forward to being a big part of it. As far as the transactions go, as far as who’s being released and who’s being brought in, that’s left up to the scouting department and the guys that make those decisions. Other than that, it’s no different than just football. Somebody leaves or goes down, somebody has to step up. I’m sure that they’ll fill those gaps.

On his impressions of the region:
So far, I’m loving it. I had a good time up in Toronto, I had a chance to get around a few days here. I went to the Buffalo Chophouse and grabbed something to eat, Tempo last night, so I’m just trying to familiarize myself with the area and get out a little bit.

On how long he plans to be in town:
I’m going to work with my receiving coach and with Coach Jauron with my schedule. I already told him, we’re already on track with; there will be days and weeks that I’ll be coming in, two or three days here, two or three days there, and so even before everything was even reported about me not showing up I had already talked to Coach Jauron about those things, so that’s why I really wasn’t worried about anything that was reported.


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