T.O: DeSean should have held out

DeSean Jackson has one year remaining on his rookie contract. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

Good thing DeSean Jackson is not taking his advice from Terrell Owens on how to deal with his contract situation with the Eagles.

Jackson held out at the start of training camp, but then returned and has said virutally nothing publicly about the contract or the status of talks.

During an interview with 97.5 The Fanatic yesterday, Owens said he would have held out.

"Chris Johnson obviously did what he needed to do to better his financial situation," Owens said, according to sportsradiointerviews.com. "Whatever advice that DeSean Jackson has been given for him to go in there in the offseason and try to be a man about it and go into camp and play under the existing contract that he has, I guarantee you that if he goes out and he gets hurt, God forbid, he’s not going to get the contract that he probably would get if he held out.” and said Jackson is taking a big risk by playing."

Asked if he would play, Owens replied:

“Absolutely not. I would have to better myself and my family and my situation. That’s ridiculous. Nobody thinks about how the owners and these teams can cut a guy. … Let’s say they’re supposed to make $8 million next year, $10 million this year after the season. These teams can cut this guy just for the sake of saving money just because they don’t want to pay that guy the money that they’re supposed to be paying him next year. At the same time, fans gripe because players hold out to get more money. The team, general mangers, everybody signs the same dotted line. … People don’t understand that.”


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