Update on Super Screwup

Update: The NFL now says the 400 fans whose seats weren't ready were invited to watch the game on monitors inside a stadium club behind the Steelers' bench, or they could go to standing room platforms in each corner. They still get the triple refund. The league now says face value of their seats is $800, not $900. The league stresses it will conduct a full review.

Earlier: In a week of logistical nightmares for Super Bowl XLV, the hits keep coming.

The NFL just put out an update on "seatgate," the problem that first became publicized this afternoon when fans began arriving at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Tx. Temporary seating either hasn't been completed or, according to one version of the story circulating, wasn't completed in time to procure the necessary inspections.

The league said about 850 fans were relocated, but another four hundred, in two sections, could not be seated in the stadium. The league said those fans will receive a refund of triple the value of their $900 seats. (We're guessing there will be lawyers involved, anyway).

"We regret the situation and inconvenience that it may have caused," the league statement said. "We will conduct a full review of this matter."