Stray Thoughts for the Morning After

    Cruising around the Internets this morning, looking for reaction to the Eagles' carving up of the Rams yesterday, I didn't find much that was noteworthy. John Clayton from throws out the ceremonial first Donovan McNabb MVP mention, but otherwise, people seem very consumed by an injury suffered by some person named Brady.

     Brady, before the injury Marcia Brady? Wayne Brady? We'll try to track that down for you.Brady, after the injury

     Even the local blogs are a little ho-hum. What sort of incisive commentary can you offer on a 35-point win? Trying to be critical just falls flat. Let's give it our best shot: Who had more drops yesterday, L.J. Smith or Asante Samuel? See, kinda lame.

   Almost as lame as the Rams, which is part of the problem. I mean, you want to give the Eagles' beleagured wideouts their due, but geez, as BountyBowl notes this morning, "dudes seemed to (be) insanely open."

       "That's about as bad as you can get beat in the NFL," Rams QB Marc Bulger told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "We realize it. And we don't have any excuses." 


   Andy Reid confirmed Monday that nobody got hurt in the opener, which is always a good thing. Reid also talked about Donovan McNabb, and how Sunday's success can be linked to the uptick in his confidence in his knee toward the end of last season. The last three games last year, which the Eagles won, "I just felt like he was back to his old form," Reid said. "I think he just picked up from there ... That whole process, you have to go through what he went through (playing on the leg without being all the way back to 100 percent strength and mobility) to get to where he is now. If you're not tough mentally, you never get back to where he is right now ... He pushed through it, he pushed through the criticism, he pushed through the soreness of the leg and the rehab periods, and all those things, to get himself back to where he could function at this level." 

    Reid said Reggie Brown's status for Dallas next Monday will be reevaluated when practice resumes Thursday, but he said Brown's hamstring feels good right now. Reid was optimistic he might get his other injured wideout, Kevin Curtis (sports hernia), back before the Oct. 19 bye week.   

  A few stray notes that got lost in the flood of stats:

*Eagles' 522 net yards were their most ever in an opener.

*Tony Hunt scored a touchdown, but as the running back, with Dan Klecko making a very special guest appearance as the goalline fullback, something we've advocated. Klecko was good at this part of the fullback job in New England and Indianapolis, now that he's made the team as a d-lineman, he can cameo in the backfield for the Eagles, as well.

 *The Eagles play the Cowboys next. You'll probably hear a little about that in the coming week. Yesterday, Eagles rookie Quintin Demps, who hails from San Antonio, went to college at UTEP, and probably feels like he's on the other side of the world from Texas now, was asked about playing the Cowboys. Demps wondered if he could call the Cowboys a "rival," like, say, the Redskins, who live right down the road. Reporters assured him that he could, in fact, refer to Dallas as a rival. Rookies. They're so darned cute at that age.

*The Rams' punter, Donnie Jones, might have had to pack his leg in ice on the flight home after punting 10 times Sunday, two shy of the franchise record.