Still an Ugly Loss

"I know what I've got, as far as coaches and players. I know what we have to do. And we're going to go do it," Andy Reid said today. (Tom Mihalek / AP)

Andy Reid held a day-after news conference that shockingly shed little light on how the Eagles got manhandled on both sides of the ball Sunday night in losing to the Giants. Reid then met with his team in the NovaCare auditorium.

 The most relevant Reid quote for today might actually have come from his Friday news conference, when he was still thinking his team was going to make a statement about its place in the NFC East. (Come to think of it, the Eagles did make a statement, just not the one Reid was hoping they'd make.)

  Reid was asked about the importance of winning the game up front, in the trenches.

 "I absolutely believe that," Reid said Friday. "When you have two good football teams play -- I think this is probably around the NFL, but I would say in particular to this game right here -- it starts up front. I always say that, but I would put a little extra on this one. It starts up front, on both sides of the ball. The attitude you bring is very important to this thing."

 Right there is your epitath for the whole business. Never mind Donovan McNabb's ridiculously bad start, the challenges that could have gone the other way, or whether Stewart Bradley actually grabbed Brandon Jacobs' facemask, when Bradley's hand slid across Jacobs' face.

Your Eagletarian asked Reid yesterday about the fact that the Birds' NFC East rivals have all gotten bigger and stronger up front, and better at running the ball over the past few years, and how he and his staff have addressed that trend.

   "I'm not concerned, other than stopping it," Reid said. "I know we can do that with the people we have."

    Seriously, you can? The NFL has banned steroids, ya know.

  The Eagles rank 22nd in NFL rushing going into Monday night. The Giants rank first, the Redskins fourth, the struggling Cowboys 12th, a full 10 slots ahead of the Eagles. Reid, whose team was fortunate to lose Sunday night's game by only five points, given the way things went up front, persists in believing he is coaching a team with championship potential.

 "I know what I've got, as far as coaches and players. I know what we have to do. And we're going to go do it," he vowed.