Specter's statement on the Pats

Sen. Arlen Specter held a news conference Wednesday and called for a Mitchell Report-like investigation into the New England Patriots' taping of opponents' signals and the NFL's subsequent handling of the matter.

Specter also released a lengthy statement that was entered into the congressional record.

Read the full text of the statement here.

Specter obviously asked former Pats employee Matt Walsh some different questions than he was asked by Roger Goodell and released some new information, including more details about how the tapes were used and how careful Walsh was instructed to be to avoid detection.

In a related matter, Boston Herald reporter John Tomase, who wrote the original story about a tape of a Rams walkthrough before the Super Bowl XXXVI, writes on his blog that he will explain where his reporting went wrong in Friday's newspaper. The newspaper issued an apology in Wednesday's editions on both the front and back pages.

Walsh, meanwhile, broke his silence in an interview that will air Friday night on "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" on HBO. Here are some of the highlights.