Special Teams, Draft Tidbits

The Eagles' mediocre special teams this season cost Ted Daisher his job. (Alejandro A. Alvarez/Staff file photo)

Not much going on in the NFL for another week and a half or so, until everybody convenes in Indianapolis for theThe Rosenhaus brothers celebrate Valentine's Day Scouting Combine. But that doesn't mean we can't cobble together a very special Valentine's Day Eagletarian.

BTW, my favorite Valentine was the "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY" Tweet from Rosenhaus Sports. Makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside to know that Drew and Jason care.

*It's always notable when Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News publishes his annual special teams rankings. I called 'em "arcane" in a story written when the Eagles hired Boby April last month, and Goose thought I was making fun. I just meant "esoteric." Also, "brilliant," "mind-blowing," "awe-inspiring," "incomparable," though somehow I omitted those characterizations. I'm including them now.

Anyhow, the 2009 Eagles ranked 17th overall, first in punt returns, which means the rest of their operation didn't grade out as well as you might have expected. (Or I might have expected, anyhow. I doubt you're been giving it that much thought. That's why you have me.) The Bills, April's team last season, ranked third, which is the reason April is now the Eagles' special teams coach, and Ted Daisher was down at the Senior Bowl a couple weeks back looking for a job. (With, as Ted pointed out, his kicker, longsnapper and punt returner all in the Pro Bowl. If you wanted to make a list of people who really deserved to get fired by the Eagles, it would take quite a while to get down to Ted, but as we all know, life and the NFL are less then fair.)

The top special teams belonged to Cleveland. The Super Bowl-winning Saints ranked 29th.

*New mock draft up from ESPN's Todd McShay. Notable only in that I agree with Todd's premise, that the Birds should be looking for a safety at 24th overall. He has them getting the USC monster, Taylor Mays, then has the Cowboys taking South Florida's Nate Allen with the 27th pick. After talking to some people who really follow this stuff, I'm not sure Allen isn't the more complete player.

*I held off until now on last week's GCobb report RE Eagles contract negotiations with Kevin Kolb. The last few days, though, I've seeing all sorts of analysis of what this "must mean" from various internet sites. Before we get the cart all the way down the track while the horse still stands in his stall, I feel compelled to note that as far as I can tell, there have been no contract talks. Kolb's side indicated to me that it certainly would like for there to be contract talks. So far, nothing.

I think the Eagles are still sorting out exactly what they want to do. If they really are solid on one more year of Donovan McNabb as the starter, as Andy Reid has indicated, they will offer one sort of deal to Kolb. If there is a real chance they listen to McNabb trade offers, they might offer a different sort of deal to Kolb. They definitely will do something there, at some point. But I'm pretty sure they haven't done it yet.