Spags Watch: No Birds Move This Week

Steve Spagnuolo is expected to start weighing coaching offers later this week. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Truth is, nobody in the media knows what's up with the Eagles' defensive coordinator situation. But the four-day getaway former Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo outlined in his one interview, with St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bryan Burwell, ends today or tomorrow.

So Spagnuolo ought to be ready by tomorrow to start evaluating where he goes from here. The widespread assumption is that one of his options is some sort of role with the Eagles -- either replacing Juan Castillo as defensive coordinator or coming in above Castillo as something like assistant head coach/defense.

One thing we do know: Eagles coach Andy Reid hasn't scheduled his season wrapup news conference with reporters, and Reid is out of town all week, until Sunday. So the Eagles won't be hiring or firing any coordinator-level employees this week.

It was made clear last week that Reid wouldn't speak until the coordinator situation was resolved, to avoid a repeat of last year's strong endorsement of Sean McDermott, issued as Reid was negotiating McDermott's departure for Carolina.

Now we're seeing people interpret the long delay as an indication Castillo's role will be unchanged. I don't see that. If Castillo was going to be the coordinator in 2012, the Eagles would want to say so, as soon as possible, and put an end to the speculation. I think it's pretty likely that Castillo's role will change.

One thought I've seen experessed is that the firing of secondary coach Johnnie Lynn gives the Birds a place to stash Castillo. I dunno. An NFL position coach really needs to know a lot of nuance -- more than a coordinator does, really. A guy who coaches cornerbacks, as Lynn did here, needs to be able to refine a professional player's backpedal and hip turn and so on. It's true that Juan worked in the offseason with his son Greg, an Iowa cornerback. But fine-tuning your son and fine-tuning Nnamdi Asomugha are two very different things.

Today, on, Jason LaCanfora did a sort of coordinator opening roundup in which he posited that Spagnuolo, a former Jim Johnson assistant, is expected to return to the Eagles by the end of the week. Dunno if that's "expected" as in, "somebody with the Eagles or close to Spagnuolo told me this," or "expected" as in, "this is what everybody seems to be saying."

At any rate, a source close to the situation told your Eagletarian that Reid is out of town until Sunday night, so I'm gonna say that Spagnuolo is NOT going to be back with the Eagles by the end  of the week. Not officially, anyway.