Something to consider

   As expected, the Eagles are taking a lot of shots from their critics for trading out of the first round on Saturday. But before you completely bury them for the decision, you might want to consider this: the '09 first-round pick they got from Carolina in the deal gives them a nice piece of fruit to include in an offer for the Bengals' unhappy wide receiver, Chad Johnson, in the coming weeks.

   Right now, the Bengals insist they aren't going to trade Johnson, no way, no how. No matter how he insults them. No matter how much he jumps up and down. No matter how much he insists he will never play for them again. No matter how many You Tube appearances Drew Rosenhaus make. But let's see how they feel about that after June 1 when the salary cap sting of trading away Johnson isn't so sharp.

   There's also the Lito Sheppard factor to consider in a trade offer to the Bengals. Despite Joe Banner's pre-draft claims that several clubs had made ``very significant'' offers for Sheppard, the truth is no one was willing to give them a second-round pick in last weekend's draft for Lito. But teams can be a lot more generous with future picks (as Carolina was). If the Bengals aren't interested in Lito, the Eagles still might be able to ship him to another team in the coming weeks for an '09 second-round pick. Then they'd be able to include that pick in a package for Johnson.

   Just something to consider.