Shurmur: Eagles would have run same plays with Vick

Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks, from left, Michael Vick, Nick Foles, and Matt Barkley throw during practice at the team's training facility on Tuesday, October 15. (Matt Rourke/AP)

Asked about the Eagles' red zone success Sunday at Tampa, offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said the Birds did the same things they would have done had Michael Vick been quarterbacking, instead of Nick Foles. (Of course, Shurmur can't guarantee the plays would have worked equally well.)

"We would have had all the same plays in the gameplan and we would have called it exactly the same way," Shurmur said. "We would have throw thrown the exact same passes if Mike was quarterbacking."

Shurmur parried with reporters intent on exploring evident differences between the QBs. Why did Foles, for example, have such an easier time finding Riley Cooper for four catches, 120 yards and a TD? Cooper's previous high this season was two catches and 29 yards.

"Each play is different," Shurmur said, channeling one of the favorite sayings of his predecessor, Marty Mornhinweg. "Catches and targets, they come in bunches. "The ball went Coop's way, and he did a good job of catching it."


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Shurmur touted a strong, supportive relationship between Vick and Foles. He said the atmosphere in the quarterback room is important in such situations.

Vick, out since Oct. 6 with a left hamstring injury, participated in the early part of practice, the only part open to the media, as he did last week. It remains unclear whether he will start Sunday against Dallas.


Defensive coordinator Bill Davis talked about the challenge of facing Tony Romo, who can be "really hot or reallty cold," sometimes within the same game, Davis noted. He predicted Trent Cole will have a breakout game soon.