Shawn Andrews on stealing money; Kendra on Eagles

Shawn Andrews crosses his arms as he watches his teammates practice. ( David Maialetti / File photo)

Shawn Andrews apparently is monitoring what is being said about him since his release from the Eagles this week.

Andrews, who has changed his Twitter screen name from ShawnAndrews73 to MrRandom73, makes reference to a former teammate with a a radio show who has been critical of him.

"There is an X coworker of mine who is now doing radio taking shots @ me. He better relax before I pull a Ocho Cinco...  I'm so not the controversial type..... I wouldn't disrespect one of my own to get a check.. GOD Bless u bro...  "

He also is sensitive to the notion that he was "stealing" money from the Eagles while he was injured. He brought the subject up in the form of a question, but his opinion is clear.

"If u have a job, and you get hurt on the job, and because your job know that u can help them succeed they keep u on the payroll til u are healthy or until they decide to go in another direction... Is that stealing???"

Andrews also provided a link to a gospel music video on YouTube from the Williams Brothers. The message: Don't judge other people and get your own house in order before you criticize someone else.


The Eagles’ re-acquisition of wide receiver Hank Baskett also means the return of his wife, Kendra Wilkinson, the Playboy model, former ex of Hef and current star of reality TV and supermarket tabloids.

Kendra, whose reality show on E! recently began its second season featuring the birth of Hank Baskett IV, was interviewed on Fox Sports and had this to say about coming back to Philly. Baskett spent most of last season with Indianapolis after being released by the Birds.

“He is back with the Eagles and we are very excited about it. Indianapolis was a very great organization to be at and he loved Coach Caldwell and the whole association and everything. Going back to the Eagles it just feels like we are going back home. My family is from Philly and everything and we love Andy Reid and we love Jeffrey Lorie and we love, love, love the Eagles and we are excited. We have been in L.A. for only two weeks and we are already looking for a house in Philadelphia and it is a lot of fun and we just love being with the Eagles… Hank played a lot with the Eagles and I am sure they are going to play a lot this year.”

For more from Kendra, click here


As expected, the Eagles declined to match defensive end Jason Babin’s offer from Tennesee, clearing the way for him to join the Titans. Babin had a clause written into his contract with the Eagles when he signed before last season that gave the Eagles seven days to match any offer.

“I’ve been trying not to think about it too much because the Eagles had the right to match the offer, and I didn’t know what they’d do,” Babin said. “I’m ecstatic right now. I can’t wait to get in there, start working out with the team and go through the offseason with Coach Washburn and the other players and coaches there. The style of defense the Titans play, as far as what the defensive line does and the way they want their guys to play, it suits my abilities. They get wide, they come off the ball, they rush the passer, and they’re aggressive. To me, it’s just a natural fit.”


Quote of the day belongs to Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, when asked by the team’s Web site about the release of Kevin Curtis: “It’s unfortunate. I didn’t really see that coming, but that's how football is. You're renting space and eventually your lease is up. Eventually my lease will be up."