Scouts' Take: Linebackers

Two scouts offer their take on Casey Matthews and the rest of the Eagles' linebackers. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

As the countdown to the season opener continues, the Daily News had two NFL scouts break down the Eagles by position. Each scout was provided anonymity to allow them to speak freely.

Over the next few days here on Eagletarian, we will provide the "Scouts' Take," with the full rundown appearing in Thursday's special Daily News preview section.

Here is what the scouts had to say about the linebackers:

Scout 1: "It’s a very, very average group. I like Casey Matthews. He’s not his brother, but he’s always around the football and is smart. But would I be nervous with him as my starting middle linebacker? Yeah. I would much prefer if he were in the middle with two really good veterans on either side. Then you wouldn’t even worry about having a rookie in there. They’ve just got a lot of issues, starting with consistency. You’re putting your trust in a bunch of young guys who don’t have a lot of snaps. And that would make me nervous.’’

Scout 2: "The key, at least initially, is going to be Matthews. We weren’t very high on him when he came out. We didn’t think he could be a starting middle linebacker. But they obviously do. I like (Jamar) Chaney, but I think he’s a better fit at MIKE because he’s got that speed and explosion that you need in the middle. To me, it looks like just an average group. I don’t see them getting their hands on footballs. I don’t see them knocking the ball loose. I don’t see them making impactful hits. The only guy I see close to that is Chaney.’’

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