Samuel OK for Cincy

  Cornerback Asante Samuel returned to practice Friday and is not expected to be bothered this weekend by the hip injury that kept Samuel out of Thursday's workout. That might be even more important than usual, given that the Bengals' wide receivers are the strength of their team.

  In other Eagles news, Andy Reid said Shawn Andrews will remain in California for at least another week, as Dr. Robert Watkins, who operated on Andrews' back Oct. 14, wants to reexamine Andrews in a week while monitoring swelling.

   Just in case you still care about Eli Manning and the amazing movable red line, here is a link to NFL VP of officiating Mike Pereira's explanation, complete with viedo replay. After watching this a couple of times, the Eagletarian take is that ref Terry McAulay probably got the call right, but that Pereira is gilding the lilly a little when he declares that "it is clear that his back foot is still well behind the line."

   Too bad nobody asked Pereira how Stewart Bradley's hand slipping inside Brandon Jacobs' shoulderpad at the side of the neck constituted a 15-yard facemask. That third-down play eventually led to a Giants field goal that would have been a punt.  Not that we're still obssessing over last week's game, or anything.