Roseman talks QBs, draft

New Eagles general manager Howie Roseman spent some answering questions from fans on the Eagles' Web site yesterday. The only surprise was that it took until the very end for him to be asked about the quarterback situation.

Roseman was careful throughout not to get into too many specifics about the team's plans for virtually anything, including free agency and the draft, although he did offer his thoughts on a few players.

"We have great players at the quarterback position and we have a Hall of Fame-caliber head coach," Roseman said. "I feel very fortunate. We have three of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League. I think that's where you want to be."

A caller said he thought Donovan McNabb should return next year as the starter.

"We're all Donovan McNabb fans here," Roseman replied. "He had a great year. He's had a Hall of Fame-caliber career. Donovan McNabb has been a great player for us."

As for Kevin Kolb, Roseman said he evaluated him in college before the Eagles selected him and Kolb has allayed any concerns about adjusting to the NFL from the system he played in at the University of Houston.

"He's accurate, he's smart, he's tough. He can make all the throws. Kevin is going to be a good player in this league."

On the team's overall philosophy of the offseason, Roseman said, "I think we are always going for it. Everyone here is trying to win a championship. We’re determined to win a championship. Every offseason we’re trying to put together a team to win a Super Bowl championship."

But he cautioned against reacting too quickly to the two season-ending debacles in Dallas.

"I think there is a risk in putting too much stock in one or two games," he said. "We've got to go back and watch the tape for athe whole year. We did win 11 games. Our goal is to win a championship. We know that. I don't want to downplay that. We don't want to get into a stiuation where we get too high or low. That's why we take some time after the season. All of us are disappointed."

Roseman did break a bit of news, saying that the team's "preliminary investigation" indicates they will get two low-round compensatory picks in the draft to offset the free-agent losses last year. The Eagles aready have six picks in the first four rounds.

"If you have a good draft, some of those late picks end up becoming higher," Roseman said. "If you get a late sixth-round pick in a quality draft that could be a fifth in a not so great draft."

Roseman also talked about what a good job his predecessor Tom Heckert did at manipulating the draft. Roseman said he was involved in that process, making some trades on draft day.

Given the current labor situation's imact on free agency, Roseman said the draft is a bigger focus than free agency, although he declined to say which positions the Eagles are most interested in.

He also said that the Eagles view the offseason as from the first day of free agency to the start of the season, so even if they do not make a splash on Day 1, they are always looking to make the team better.

"I think the draft is the most important thing," he said. "We've got to get back to that. We've had some good drafts here in the last couple of years that we're all proud of. We have to build on that and keep getting good players."

In terms of a free specific players, here is what Roseman had to say:

On Asante Samuel: "I think it’s so hard to find playmakers on both sides of the ball. Asante is a playmaker. He's not making these plays in small-time games. He's making them in key moments and bg games. When you look around the league, there are not a lot of guys doing that."

On Macho Harris (free safety figures to be an area the Eagles target, either internally or externally): "Macho has got to have a big offseason. He’s got to get in the weight room and get bigger and stronger. He knows that. Hes an instinctive kid who loves to play the game. It’s different for him because he never played safety before. He was a corner. He can help us. It's yet to be determined what role and what level. He has to have a big offseason."

On Trevor Laws: "I spoke to him after the season ended … I think he’s been nicked a little bit in training camp and hasn’t been able to start the season off right. It’s an important offseason for him. He knows that. We’re not going to write him off yet. We think he can help us."