Roseman on staff shakeup

"We're going to go with the people we have," Howie Roseman said. (Mark Stehle/AP)

The longer after the draft the Eagles went without putting someone in overall charge of personnel, as Ryan Grigson was before he became the Colts' GM, the more likely it seemed that nobody was going to get that level of power.

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman confirmed this Thursday, when Roseman talked to reporters after the team announced several changes in scouting and personnel that Roseman said finalized that department's roster.

"We're going to go with the people we have," rather than hiring a Grigson successor, Roseman said after the team finished a third OTA day at NovaCare. The most notable new name is that of Tom Donahoe, the former Bills and Steelers general manager, who is assuming the advisory role formerly filled by ex Ravens and Browns exec Phil Savage. "Through this process when Ryan left, we kind of went with the people we had here, and we added some people that we feel really good about, and we like the dynamic as it's currently set, and we're going to go with it."

Anthony Patch recently was named director of college scouting, a title that didn't exist when Grigson was here.

Roseman said Donahoe, 64, brings "a lot of experience, valuable experience. He's been with winning organizations, and he's someone who can add a lot of insight."

 Savage recently accepted the job as director of the Senior Bowl.

"That's a big-time job," Roseman said of Savage, who lives in Alabama, where the Senior Bowl is played. "That's somewhere where he was able to work [from] home, he has a young baby ... we wish him the best."

Ed Marynowitz is the new assistant director of pro scouting, Jake Hallum was added as a senior scout, John Middlekuaff was hired as West coast area scout, Dan Hatman as a pro scout, Alec Halaby was named special assistant to the general manager, and Jake Rosenberg became manager of football administration, helping witn the salary cap.

Marynowitz, Roseman noted "was the director of player personnel at Alabama ... he recruited a lot of the guys in the SEC, obviously he knows the SEC really well."

In addition to Savage, Dan Jeremiah and Ahmad Russell have left the personnel department. Jeremiah is working for Russell followed Grigson to Indianapolis.