Roseman non-committal on Asante's return

Asante Samuel's future with the Eagles remains up in the air. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman spoke today on a panel at Widener Law School in Wilmington.

He addressed several issues, including:

** Similar to coach Andy Reid and defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, Roseman’s job security came under scrutiny during the Eagles’ 8-8 season. Roseman acknowledged it’s part of the business, although he said he doesn’t spend much time listening to or reading the criticism.

“I understand the
 nature of the city, and I love it,” Roseman said. “It's a passionate place and they want 
nothing more than what we want, is to win a world championship. The 
expectations are high and the expectations are high for all of us. I 
understand the other part of it.”

** Roseman declined to discuss whether cornerback Asante Samuel will return to the Eagles, providing the stock answer that the phone always rings when a team has a surplus at a position. But Roseman believes that the trio of Pro Bowl cornerbacks can still work in the Eagles’ secondary.

Last year was a unique situation in terms of practice time and preparation time,” Roseman said. “So I think that it gives us an opportunity with this offseason, with a normal offseason to kind of gel together and you saw that towards the end of the year, the team was gelling and so that’s what we look forward to in 2012.”

** Former Pro Bowlers Randy Moss and Albert Haynesworth are available and have been publicly linked to the Eagles. Roseman declined to speak about either player yesterday. When asked whether Haynesworth’s former defensive line coach Jim Washburn, now with the Eagles, will have say, Roseman said Washburn is consulted on a number of players.

"How it works in our building is we obviously give 
all our position coaches players to evaluate, and they give us their 
opinion, and Washburn's a part of that process and an evaluator with
 that,” Roseman said. “Other than that, he's one with the program and he sticks to it. I
know there have been reports of his role in that, but he's very much a
 team guy. We're happy to have him."