Return of the run-pass question

It's back -- the annual run-pass ratio debate.

A day after the Eagles lost to the Raiders and ran the ball just 14 times, including two scrambles by Donovan McNabb, coach Andy Reid was asked the inevitable.

"We did what we thought would help us to win the game," Reid said. "Looking back, we could have run it more."

“We felt like if we could protect we would have a pretty good chance down the field,” Reid said. “That’s what we thought. We had a little bit pf penetration at times and when we didn’t the throws were long or the routes were off a little bit. That’s something we thought we could take advantage of.”

Reid blamed fundamental breakdowns and said he was not going to point fingers at people.

"There are things we could have done better coaching wise to put guys in better postion than we did," Reid said. "They had a couple of blitzes that got us. We didn’t kick out to the extra guy and they beat us on it."

The Eagles also barely used the Wildcat, with Michael Vick only on the field for two plays.

“There are certain weeks that it will be used and certain weeks it won’t,” Reid said. “We just didn’t get to it this week. We didn’t feel the situation was right.”

On the injury front, Reid said left tackle Jason Peters should be able to play Monday against Washington. Peters went out with a knee contusion and ankle sprain. "He should be able to work through that and be ready this week," Reid said. "He's walking around halfway decent. We’ll see how he does." Reid said he did not intend to bring anyone else in on the offensive line.

Victor Abiamiri has a knee sprain and Reid said it was a "day-to-day situation." Brodrick Bunkley has a rib contusion, but Reid said he should be OK. Omar Gaither has a foot sprain.

As for Jeremiah Trotter, who was burned against the Raiders on a long touchdown, Reid said, "He's moving better than he did when we had him before. It's just a matter of getting him back into playing."

As for the impending trade deadline, he said, "We're keeping our eyes open. We're looking."

Reid blamed the loss on a lack of technique and execution, not effort.

“It’s a great lesson to learn that no team is as good as you think in this league and no team is a bad as you think," Reid said. "It’s the National Football League and you better be ready to play and execute, as coaches and players, starting with me. Anything less than that and you’ve got a problem.”