Report card at the bye

Each week in Birdwatch, the Daily News provides a report card for that day's Eagles game. But as any student or school teacher knows, those individual grades eventually add up.

The Eagles' ultimate report card says they are 3-3, heading into the bye week with the Atlanta Falcons looming on Oct. 26.

We thought the bye after six games would be a chance for some quick math to provide the Eagles' average in each category.

Run offense: B-

Pass offense: B-

Run defense: B

Pass defense: C+

Special teams: B-

Overall: C+

To break it down further:

Run offense

Highs: B+ vs. St. Louis and San Francisco. Lows: D- vs. Pittsburgh and. Washington

Pass offense

Highs: A+ vs. St. Louis. Lows: D vs. Washington

Run defense

Highs: A+ vs. St. Louis; Lows: F vs. Washington

Pass defense

Highs: A+ vs. Pittsburgh. Lows: D vs. Dallas, Chicago and Washington

Special teams

Highs: A+ vs. St. Louis. Lows: D vs. Dallas


Highs: A vs. St. Louis. Lows: D vs. Washington