Reid's midseason grade

Andy Reid lost two timeouts to failed challenges in the second half of the Eagles' loss to the Cowboys. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

In Wednesday's Daily News, Les Bowen will offer his midseason grades by position for the Eagles. Here is his take on the coaching:

This team should be at least 6-2 right now, probably 7-1 and cruising.

The fact that it isn’t I put right at the feet of Andy Reid.

The shortcomings remain the same: Not enough balance in the offense most days, inability to adjust on the fly, poor time management. Reid deserves credit, of course, for assembling a group that might be capable of being 7-1, a youngish bunch that has a future, even if that future comes with Kevin Kolb running the show. For that reason, if the Eagles make the playoffs, Reid will get, and probably deserves, a contract extension.

But we’re handing out a midseason coaching grade, and Reid is responsible for the coordinators and position coaches, since he hired them. Moise Fokou doesn’t know he can’t cut-block during an interception return? Jeremiah Trotter can’t just step right onto the field after nearly a 2-year layoff and cover a tight end deep? You often need a timeout to transition in or out of the Wildcat?

Grade: C-

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