Reid's hot seat, the turnovers, and the run defense

Eagles coach Andy Reid is taking heat for his team's sloppy play. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Plenty to digest after yesterday's Eagles loss to Buffalo. Here are some of the things we are talking about today:

All those turnovers. With their five giveaways in Sunday’s loss, the Eagles already have 15 turnovers in their first five games, 14 of which have come in their four-game losing skid. Eagles have a league-worst minus-10 turnover ratio.

How hot is Andy’s seat? After the money the Eagles shelled out in free agency and all of the talk about being all in, owner Jeff Lurie felt very, very good about his team’s Super Bowl chances this season. Now the Dream Team is 1-4 and in a death spiral. Could season No. 12 be the head coach’s last if the bad times continue?

Ever so slight improvement from the defense. Yes, Juan Castillo’s unit gave up 143 rushing yards, and yes, Ryan Fitzpatrick completed 21 of 27 passes against them. But the defense showed some life in the second half, holding the Bills to 10 points and stopping them when they needed to stop them.

Danny Watkins’ debut. The first-round rookie right guard made his first start Sunday. Looked like he had some ups and and downs, but Vick was only sacked once and LeSean McCoy averaged 7.3 yards per carry.

Good Vick, bad Vick. The Eagles quarterback is on pace to throw for 4,000 yards and has completed 65 percent of his passes in each of the last four games. But he’s also turning the ball over too much. Had a career-high four interceptions Sunday, even the last one was on Jason Avant.


Some interesting comments coming from the Bills' postgame locker room:

The Bills ran the ball on their first six offensive plays, including a 5-yard touchdown run by Fred Jackson.

The Bills rushed for 143 total yards. The Eagles, with the 30th-ranked run defense ins the league, had been allowing an average of 139 yards per game.

"I mean, who didn't know that we were going to run the ball?" asked Bills receiver Stevie Johnson. "They've been exposed in the run game the entire season, so we'd be foolish to come out there and not try to run all over that group."

The Bills also blitzed on more than a dozen pass plays after not having blitzed on more than six pass plays in any of their first four games.

"All week we thought about getting after Vick, coming with some blitzes," linebacker Nick Barnett said. "It worked in the first half and then they made some adjustments, then we had to readjust later in the fourth quarter."

"We were trying to confuse Michael, trying to keep him off balance," Gailey said. "You can't sit there and do one or two things against him and expect to slow him down. We didn't exactly slow him down. They have amazing talent on that side of the ball."

"We did a lot of zone blitzing, and some man [to man] blitzing just to mix it up," said cornerback Drayton Florence. "We know Vick likes to escape to his left, so we had to keep that in mind."


While the Eagles were playing in Buffalo, the Vikings and Cardinals also were facing off in the battle of former Eagles quarterbacks.

Minnesota's Donavan McNabb went 10-of-21 for 169 yards. Kevin Kolb, now with the Cardinals, was 21 of 42 for 232 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions as the Vikings won 34-10.

Add in Vick's numbers and that is six inteceptions and two touchdowns for the trio.


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