Referee explains call on Collie hit

Indianapolis Colts' Austin Collins gets carted off the field after sustaining a blow to the head in the first half. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)


Referee Carl Cheffers issued a statement after the game to explain the ruling on the penalty on Kurt Coleman, although it was announced as being on Quintin Mikell.

“The fact of the matter is that the ball was incomplete,”  Cheffers said. “So he has protection throughout that entire process on that play because we don’t have a completion. At no time did he have possession and become a runner to where he would have transitioned out of being a defenseless receiver.”

Colts coach Jim Caldwell said that Collie lost consciousness after the impact.

“I think the official made the proper call,” Caldwell said.


Eagles coach Andy Reid congratulated his team on a victory over the Colts, but declined to get too deeply into the officiating for fear of discipline from the league.

Reid was asked a series of questions about the penalty called on the play that saw Austin Collie taken off the field on a stretcher. The Colts said Collie has a concussion.

“I’m torn. That is one of my ex-teammate’s sons. I’ve known that kid for a long time. I have to evaluate exactly what took place. I saw the replay board, it was close.”

"The way the game is today, close things are going to be called in a safe direction. When you’re in the heat of it, do you like it? No. For the longevity of the player down the road and life after football, it’s a good thing. Bottom line, things like that are called against you, you have to regenerate your energy level and keep battling through. Don’t think the whole world is against you.

"It looked like a bang-bang thing ... I’m not going to say it is what it is and that’s all I’m going to say."

Asked about the impact of the call afterwards: "It’s hard to evaluate that. I know it didn’t in the long haul and that’s what I care about."

On impact of DeSean Jackson’s return: “I don’t want to take anything away from the other guys. You want to have all your good players in there. DeSean has been a very good player there for us in the punt game, the return game and on the field as a receiver.”

On whether this was a statement game: “I’m not sure about that. We have a lot of games left. Next week will be an important game too. They’re all important as we get through the second half there."

On what he said at halftime:. "They’ve heard it all. They know what's happened in the past. One of the things we looked at as a staff during the bye week is everyobody challenging themselves, the players and the coaches to make sure we maintain the intensity through the four quarters. Challenge each other to step up and make a play and the guys did that down the stretch. We knew against a good football team like that and an explosive team, they have to maintain their intensity and that they had to step up and make plays."